Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Richmond Hood Company Moves West!

Richmond Hood Company formerly of Van Duzer St. in Staplelton has now found a new home at 821 Castleton Ave in West Brighton. The clothing boutique that has the needs for every hip and fashion head in Staten Island. From the footwear such as Nike, Vans, and DC all the way to the T-Shirt supply with the likes of Western Edition, Mighty Healthy, A-L-I-E-N, and RHC's very own, your 100% covered. Im definitely going down to the new store later this week but heres a preview for everyone in Shaolin what to look for. So come on down and get fresh with RHC, 821 Castleton Ave, pick up a shirt and some Kicks and get a haircut at Against the Grind Barbershop; which is adjacent to the store. Shouts to the guys at RHC Redman, Callender, Mr. Tariq. Follow up to come later this week ! For now click the RHC link on the right sidebar to check out the store online.


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