Monday, March 30, 2009

A look Into A True Artist: JR

Street graffiti, (urban art) does not always include a spray paint can or a tag. Sometimes it isn't even illegal. In previous post we dealt with artists such as Banksy who wanted to get their thoughts out in honest art. Pretty much along those lines we find an artists bouncing around from country to country displaying unbelievable art, named JR. The difference is JR being a french photographer has his work blown up and posted on buildings in amazing clarity. His work is stunning and you have to look and understand the photographs of his work to see what art truly is. JR uses buildings in various works of art to show struggle, life, and expression. Most of his work will make you double take and even second guess what the human eye can see, but before you do that know this is honest work and all of this is legit. Ladies and Gentleman i give you JR.

Look closely at the buildings to see the eyes staring right back at you.

Manette Street and Charing Cross Road London W1

2009: The Year Of Mickey ?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

NEW MUSIC! Fall Out Boy ft. Joe Budden, Murs, 88keys

This is gaining alot of talk really quick. First off two genres clashing together like this is big. It has to be done right and I'm definitely feeling this song. Joe Budden is making a strong attempt at regaining the image he once held. Murs and 88-keys are with in the running of the game called hip-hop and holding their weight. Fall Out Boy while often being viewed as childish rock have done a great job shaking the image in recent years and now their appeal is to a vast age-group audience. Check the song out and lets hear it for America's Suitheart's !


Friday, March 27, 2009

Lykke Li ft. Drake and Mickey Factz- A Little Bit Remix

A look into three names that are buzzing right now Lykke Li, Drake, and Mickey Factz. A great harmony collaboration between Lykke Li and Drake with a touch of Mickey around 2:08 into the song. Lykke Li already creating buzz for other songs including N.A.S.A - Gifted ft Kanye West, Lykke Li and Santogold as well as the original to this song. Drake a young upcoming artist on the rise with plenty of fan base already. Mickey Factz offers a touch of hip hop in the right dose, to lift the song out of the repetitive aspect. Great song whether its the original or this remix. These three artist's are here to stay and look forward to hearing their names buzzing around in 2009.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Look Into Artist's On The Rise: Big Sean and Mike Posner

Big Sean is one of the coolest dudes out there in the music world. After signing to Kanye West's G.O.O.D Music recording label you would think their would be an ego buildup in the making, sorry not here. Meeting him in the fall of 2008 at the Knitting Factory, you could tell he was very down to earth when we spoke and he is a great performer on stage. Collaborating on his album (Track 22) was another Michigan recording artist Mike Posner. Little to be known about the singer but with a unique recording sound using voice editing with smooth singing abilities gives a great vibe on the collaboration. While Big Sean has released an album and is on one of the more successful labels in the industry, he is out to leave no man behind in Michigan. Posner and Big Sean have collaborated and performed together multiple times. Below is a song titled Cooler Than Me- Mike Posner ft. Big Sean and right now its one of the best singer/rapper collaborations out right now. Looks like a bright future for these two remember the names Mike Posner and Big Sean.

"Where The Wild Things Are" Trailer

Check out the trailer of the classic book, "Where the Wild Things Are." I hope most of you remember either reading or having it read to you when you were little. The Trailer looks great, adapted from the Maurice Sendak's classic children's book,with the movie directed by Spike Jonze. This looks epic, brings back memories.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Falling From the Top : Mark "Gator" Rogowski

Now think of your favorite sports star, someone you feel has everything. Now imagine them going on trial for murder. No this is not a post on O.J. Simpson. Although this is around my earliest of childhood 1980s early 1990's, Mark "Gator" Rogowski was a professional skateboarder, and also sponsored as a Vision Street Wear model. He was the "it" guy, if you had a board you were trying to emulate Gator, dressing, acting and some followers even tried talking like him. Being known around the world, appearing with other upcoming skateboarders like a young Tony Hawk, promoting skateboarding as a lifestyle.
Gator's image and face became the easiest thing to market with a number of products such as board designs, posters, magazines, videos and a clothing line. His face became well known in the publication Thrasher magazine. Not bad for a kid decked out in brightly colored clothes still in his late teens early twenties making making yearly six figure salary.
Now you might be wondering what ever happened to him and why most of you probably never heard of him. It all started after a nasty breakup with long time girlfriend Brandi McClain. As well as problems with alcohol and depression that later would send him over the edge. He just could not get use to the idea of Brandi leaving. Gator was falling apart and the skateboarding movement was leaving him behind.
March 21, 1991 the ego, flashy clothes, and trademark image became worthless. While Jessica Bergsten an old friend visited Gator, things went wrong. Whether a sexual attraction between the two was heated up at the time is up in the air. Gator would go on to rape and murder Bergsten. He confessed that he raped her, put her in a surfboard bag, strangled her and dumped her naked body in a shallow grave in the desert.
It is also shown Jessica was a long time friend of Gator's ex-girlfriend, so the motive of revenge became evident. After confessing, Gator pleaded innocent and noted the killing was nothing but kinky sex gone wrong. He was found guilty and sentenced to terms of six years for forcible rape, twenty-five years to life for murder. He is eligible for parole in 2010.

Gator was the face of skateboarding and he would go onto damage the image of the "extreme-sport." His Vision Street Wear line of sleeveless shirts, high socks, bright colored short shorts would go onto fade away with the revolving door of fashion. Whether your a fan of the guy or not, he is and always will be a former major force of influence in fashion, trends, and skateboarding.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

If You Do Not Know Him By Now Meet Calvin Harris!

After the release of his debut album; “I Created Disco,” Calvin Harris burst through the door and closed it right behind him in the music world. You could see Calvin Harris as a bright star but aside from the Apple I-Pod commercials it seemed that Calvin was going to disappear just as fast as he appeared. 

Then came the sophomore album and Calvin's track with Dizzee Rascal “Dance Wiv Me.” An immediate buzz began and it seems too look like he is here to stay. Things seem different now as a follow up single “I’m Not Alone” is a step away from his past material. Often labeled as "Cookie Cutter Bullshit." Adapting to the music movements of the world Calvin sets aside your normal old indie-hipster dance craze  and puts forth a mature track. Revisiting an older electro sound from europe to the new-wave house. “I’m Not Alone” comes across as unique with energy and club vibe without the fist pumping.

Step up and broaden your music  in your headphones. Check out "I'm Not Alone."

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Flash Is On For This Promising Photographer: A first look at Evan Brockett

.Sneaker Head. 365 (2) So there is tons of people that can snap a picture, not too many can catch the eye of a moment in photography. The thing is some try and never succeed. Others it becomes a natural affair. Evan Christopher Brockett is a local photographer letting nothing hold him back. The dude walks in and out of situations with the flash on ready to go. Not missing the point, the moment, or the art of the photography. With the camera slung over his shoulder he is a young fresh photographer from the forgotten borough of Staten Island. His vantage point is he's got nothing to lose. Evan's outlook on the relationship between photography and art is one can't exist without the other. In these times, art can be found anywhere, it's the way you look at it. Photography is your voice, letting you immortally express the art you see in everyday life, in your own way. Setting out with a clear mind of goals and accepting any fame along the way, but what is most important to him is to be trusted with a sturdy reputation of quality. Sustaining his personality through his work is what makes it all the worth while. Below are some photographs by Evan Brockett. Look out for the interview in this upcoming month.

HDR Front St. & Beekman St.

He's so cute it makes ya sick!

Clove Lakes Bridge

See More and "Meet" Evan Here:

The Art And Story Behind The New Complex Magazine Cover

Set aside everything else going on especially with Kanye on the cover and discover how they created this cover. Alot of people disregard all the work put into the magazine covers. Considering it is what usually catches your eye on the magazine stand, drug store shelf. Enjoy the video/cover and check out this months issue of Complex Magazine

The Cover:

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A look Into A True Artist: EWOK

There's no doubt in my mind that graffiti and Urban art play a big part in different aspects of life some call it self expression others call it destruction of property. I'm all for Urban Art but don't like to see garbage little kid Tags sprayed all over the walls of my neighborhood. Now whats better then legal Graffiti. To those of you who don't know Ewok, he's all about the artistic side of self expression in a project. This video shows us the official piece used for the 7 day project. Pay attention to fine detail because Ewok put the work in. This wont be the last you see of Ewok on my page for now enjoy . Thanks to SB other wise known as Blokz, for giving me a heads up on this one.

So What's The Story: KiD CuDi speaks on topics

Theirs no doubt KiD CuDi is doing his thing after a surprising move announcing a retirement from recording last week. After a shorter stint in retirement then Michael Jordan, CuDi lets us know what the story is as well as the story line behind his album. According to sources (CuDi lol) the albums due out the latest August 09 long overdue and still incomplete. So wether your a fan or not my boys at come through with another SXSW Interview.......

Get In Touch With An Artist: Asher Roth

So this is what goes down, this hip hop artist understands what it means to be understood. A great live act, mix tape worthy, as well as an upcoming album. This is a surprising turn of events stemming back to his appearance on the cover of XXL, shows with the power of mind anything is worth a shot especially in hip hop. In this video courtesy from my boys at from this years SXSW goes in depth about the struggle of barriers in music as well as upcoming projects and how to be Asher Roth. Check out and get in touch with Asher Roth. ( Songs to check out : I love College, Lark on my Go-Kart, A-Millie Remix)

A Side Of Randomness : This Weeks Double Feature

So every week I would love to share a side of randomness with the readers. Since this is the first week i figured why not go in with the randomness, like leave you going wait what why who get the point. So after searching through the archives i found a little something something so for today's Double Feature enjoy...................

Tom Hanks avoids turning Scientologist like everyone else, finds hope in Hip-Hop?

So forget being the illest at video games I'll see you in the board games (Jay -Cons i see you guys)

Song Of The Day: Need An Anthem ? (Common- The Light)

Common - The Light

I took it back a bit on this one, but come on have you ever heard a whack common track. This track is what people need to vibe to when they just gotta lift themselves from situations. Vibe out check it out but dont tune Common out.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Look Into A True Artist: Banksy

Reading up on a 2008 article on the controversial artist (Banksy), who has never posed for a picture nor released his name. He has hit the streets in NY as well as other cities around the world with one thing in mind; making sure you see his work. NYC is a city where people often walk right by a dollar bill on the floor or even famous celebrities, Banksy is watching. Without knowing what the artist looks like or even where he resides, his artwork is remarkably well........ LARGE. He's gratified in Bethlehem on the West Banks of the Middle East, and the streets of London. Bottom line his works go for thousands and people call it illegal. He speaks out against war and displays his beliefs. Often using misconstrued characters such as Rabbits, Rats, and Chimps. He is a true artist on the run.

The video is outdated most likely some time in 2008 but shows a less drastic side of Banksy

Below are some of Banksy's Street Art Pieces.

Be Kanye In An Absolut World

Finally an explanation for those BeKanye adds in the NYC subways. As to when it will hit the airways of your television who knows but hopefully it will be faster then his Clothing line due out in well....... since last year. We shall see but this is a hilarious video, listen to the background tune from Pharrell Williams.

In Case You Missed This: The Fray "Heartless" Kanye West Cover

The Fray gaining some street credit? After your done laughing sit down and listen to a great cover. Everyone I show this to immediate loves it and puts it on repeat. Kanye West even posted it on his blog and he's not accusing them of swagger jacking he's all for it. It would be great for this to be released as a song but for now rock out check it out but dont throw this out.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Where to shop NYC : DQM (Daves Quality Meats)

Dave's Quality Meat located on 7 east 3rd street New York NY 10003 
Phone: 1 212-505-7551

Dave Ortiz, owner and founder of this small but great sneaker boutique named Daves Quality Meats, the former "Mr. Zoo york Everything," and team manager of skate brand Zoo York.  Dave opened the sneaker boutique sneaker boutique in the same neighborhood as the office for Zoo York known as the Meat Packing Industry. Along with pro skater Chris Keefe and John Keefe, the three opened Dave's Quality Meat. Since opening its doors in 2003 its became an instant hotspot for sneakers and clothes to improve your swag. You'll see your share of hipsters, skaters, sneaker freaks, and originals going in and out making purchases. Its your local spot for Nike, Addidas, Vans Converse and Original DQM Merchandise. Who knows maybe a famous face will pass on thru like in the past (Travi$ Barker, Fabalous) Check it out rock it out but dont throw it out!


A Look Into A True NYC Artist: Riz22

Riz22 one of those special artist that exemplifies the creative revolution. A young artisit at the age of 24, residing currently in Brooklyn New York. According to his myspace, "He is a self taught artist that began his artistic career the moment he could hold a pen. Since coming of age, Riz22 prefers to paint live, often painting in the manic environments of clubs and onstage at concerts." I have witnessed first hand the ability of Riz22 He has a way of developing more then just paint on a canvas. At an event this summer hosted by CloudKickers Original Clothing Line at Thatz Wassup located in Staten Island Riz22's energy and exceptional artisitic skills easily seperated him from the competition of other artists. A type of nomad leaving art across the country like paint on a canvas, he has lived in Atlanta, GA, Scottsdale, AZ, and San Diego, CA from 2001 through 2007 and now residing in the Prospect Heights of Brooklyn, NY. Part of a group of cultural artisits' called Old Soulz ( Below a couple of pieces of mastered work. 

Aken Trumpets- Riz22
        CALYPSO- Riz22
          Capman- Riz22

Consequence & Kid Cudi - "Buggin' Out 09"

Consequence & Kid Cudi remake the Classic  A Tribe Called Quest hit record "Buggin' Out." The two G.O.O.D. Music artists seem to be on good terms stemming back to recent news of a feud between the label's two artists.