Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pitchfork Interview With Kid Cudi

Below is an excerpt from the interview with Kid Cudi and boy o boy did they squeeze the info out of Cudi. With plenty of surprises as well as news on collaborations this might be one hell of an album. You can check out the whole album at the below URL copy and paste it.

Pitchfork: So you're working with Kanye West and on the record. How would you compare their producing styles?

KC: They are very much the same as far as they understand the idea of creating your own sound. That's something I'm trying to master. Even though I kind of have my own sound right now, people are taking it. Instead of being inspired by it and trying something different too, they are just doing the same thing. Now I have to be ahead of myself so I don't just fit into the realm of everybody who sounds like me.

Pitchfork: How do you plan on doing that?

KC: I'm making the album really experimental-- it sounds like nothing you've heard before.

Pitchfork: Yeah, but what if it does sound like something I've heard before?

KC: I'll bet you $50 right now. Guaranteed. This is an imaginary handshake.

Pitchfork: I'll hold you to that...somehow.

KC: I want my money, man! [laughs]

Pitchfork: Who else is producing on the record?

KC: I've got Ratatat, Ryan Leslie, 88-Keys, Alchemist. I'm going into the studio with Just Blaze and Swizz Beatz soon. I want to work with Postal Service, too. And I'm supposed to be getting into the studio with Band of Horses.

Pitchfork: Band of Horses? Really?

KC: I'm not playing games, man. This is real.

[Apparently this might actually happen. When asked about a Cudi collaboration, Band of Horses lead singer Ben Bridwell sent us this message: "We're psyched about the possibility of working with Cudi. We haven't had a chance to discuss anything yet, but I'm all for it. I love what he did with our melody on [Cudi mixtape track] 'The Prayer', and super humbled he'd even use a bit of the vocal. I hadn't up to that point heard any shit so real. Or since."]

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