Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Daily Double Feature: Green Label Sound

U-N-I are real artists, bringing back the live instruments and great sound. They are part of Green Label Sound which is powered and all hopped up on Mountain Dew. Check out an inside look at the group and their great fresh style. Land of the kings is the track they are working on in the video and it sounds great finished. Its a total different sound and its refreshing. For more on the group check I-Tunes, myspace and

Green Label gives us a backstage look at two different types of groups with one thing in mind, and that it keeping music affordable. On your given free downloads of the artists as well as a perspective of the voice and beat of who is coming out of your headphones. Matt & Kim on tour with The Cool Kids keeps the crowd in tune and just keep music in general in the right direction and thats to the fans. Congrats to both groups on their success thus far!
Go to for more music downloads, footoage and inside on the artists you see.

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