Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Music Video Debut- Asher Roth - La Di Da
Click the silhouette box above to bring you to to see the video. Thanks to my boy jamaal I was able to be in Asher Roth's Video for his next single La Di Da. Based for with a debut the other day on MTV. Im wearing a gray Cloud Kicker sweatshirt. You can see me 12 seconds into the video as well as 18 seconds. Although it was a brief acting spot we spent 2 hours filming at St. Francis College. created this video along side Asher Roth as a way to show the way six kids deal with stress of being a college student. Thank you for the oppurtunity Jamaal (Basketball player) as well as Asher Roth, MTV, and, this wont be my last music video.

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