Monday, March 30, 2009

A look Into A True Artist: JR

Street graffiti, (urban art) does not always include a spray paint can or a tag. Sometimes it isn't even illegal. In previous post we dealt with artists such as Banksy who wanted to get their thoughts out in honest art. Pretty much along those lines we find an artists bouncing around from country to country displaying unbelievable art, named JR. The difference is JR being a french photographer has his work blown up and posted on buildings in amazing clarity. His work is stunning and you have to look and understand the photographs of his work to see what art truly is. JR uses buildings in various works of art to show struggle, life, and expression. Most of his work will make you double take and even second guess what the human eye can see, but before you do that know this is honest work and all of this is legit. Ladies and Gentleman i give you JR.

Look closely at the buildings to see the eyes staring right back at you.

Manette Street and Charing Cross Road London W1

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