Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Look Into A True Artist: Banksy

Reading up on a 2008 article on the controversial artist (Banksy), who has never posed for a picture nor released his name. He has hit the streets in NY as well as other cities around the world with one thing in mind; making sure you see his work. NYC is a city where people often walk right by a dollar bill on the floor or even famous celebrities, Banksy is watching. Without knowing what the artist looks like or even where he resides, his artwork is remarkably well........ LARGE. He's gratified in Bethlehem on the West Banks of the Middle East, and the streets of London. Bottom line his works go for thousands and people call it illegal. He speaks out against war and displays his beliefs. Often using misconstrued characters such as Rabbits, Rats, and Chimps. He is a true artist on the run.

The video is outdated most likely some time in 2008 but shows a less drastic side of Banksy

Below are some of Banksy's Street Art Pieces.

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