Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Look Into Artist's On The Rise: Big Sean and Mike Posner

Big Sean is one of the coolest dudes out there in the music world. After signing to Kanye West's G.O.O.D Music recording label you would think their would be an ego buildup in the making, sorry not here. Meeting him in the fall of 2008 at the Knitting Factory, you could tell he was very down to earth when we spoke and he is a great performer on stage. Collaborating on his album (Track 22) was another Michigan recording artist Mike Posner. Little to be known about the singer but with a unique recording sound using voice editing with smooth singing abilities gives a great vibe on the collaboration. While Big Sean has released an album and is on one of the more successful labels in the industry, he is out to leave no man behind in Michigan. Posner and Big Sean have collaborated and performed together multiple times. Below is a song titled Cooler Than Me- Mike Posner ft. Big Sean and right now its one of the best singer/rapper collaborations out right now. Looks like a bright future for these two remember the names Mike Posner and Big Sean.

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