Monday, March 23, 2009

The Flash Is On For This Promising Photographer: A first look at Evan Brockett

.Sneaker Head. 365 (2) So there is tons of people that can snap a picture, not too many can catch the eye of a moment in photography. The thing is some try and never succeed. Others it becomes a natural affair. Evan Christopher Brockett is a local photographer letting nothing hold him back. The dude walks in and out of situations with the flash on ready to go. Not missing the point, the moment, or the art of the photography. With the camera slung over his shoulder he is a young fresh photographer from the forgotten borough of Staten Island. His vantage point is he's got nothing to lose. Evan's outlook on the relationship between photography and art is one can't exist without the other. In these times, art can be found anywhere, it's the way you look at it. Photography is your voice, letting you immortally express the art you see in everyday life, in your own way. Setting out with a clear mind of goals and accepting any fame along the way, but what is most important to him is to be trusted with a sturdy reputation of quality. Sustaining his personality through his work is what makes it all the worth while. Below are some photographs by Evan Brockett. Look out for the interview in this upcoming month.

HDR Front St. & Beekman St.

He's so cute it makes ya sick!

Clove Lakes Bridge

See More and "Meet" Evan Here:

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