Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bonus WTF? of the month - Pint-Sized Crossdresser, Gets Drunk, Plays Grinch

"Ma'am we found your son"........ Hayden Wright is accused of stealing Christmas presents from his neighbor. It gets better. He was found at 1:45am on Tuesday wandering the mean streets of Chatanooga Tennessee, chugging a brew confused about more than his attire. The little rugrat was wearing a dress he took from under a neighbor's tree after beer. Hayden's mother, April Wright, is going through a divorce from Hayden's father, who is in jail, and she thinks he may have been looking for his dad. "He runs away trying to find his father," said 21-year-old April. "He wants to get in trouble so he can go to jail because that's where his daddy is." After a thorough investigation Chatanooga Department of Child Services informed Ms. Wright they found nothing wrong with this incident and are allowing her to keep her child. After all it is Tennessee.

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