Monday, September 14, 2009

In Case you didn't hear; Kanye's Publicity Stunt

So everyone hates Kanye? Well except for MTV, Jay Leno, and Taylor Swifts I-Tunes sales. The publicity stunt is a very clever and actually was pulled off! So Kanye is on Jay Leno tonight, coincidence number 1. MTV fell to Fuse in ratings with the jay z concert, with taylor swift in 25 percent of the commercials up to the point of the evidence. My film background cut into play when the camera shied away with enough time to let him on stage. Now was it coincidence they put the camera on pink all of a sudden and shifted with out making it abruptly. So with the camera angles are not adding up and plenty of ratings and money MTV pulls off the biggest Punk'd without Ashton. Theres plenty of production clues, so ya MTV wins Jay leno's ratings win, and Taylor Swifts I-tune sales. Kanye wins as well cause his name is falling out of everyones mouth every 20 seconds any publicity is good publicity to that gentleman. By the way who let him on the red carpet with a bottle of hennessy to help add to the conspiracy. So Taylor Swift loses her teeny bopper status and becomes a household name, if she wasn't already. She's seeing big $$$$ out of this. Congrats to Taylor Swift you deserved the award regardless of this stunt. For now lay off hating Kanye and enjoy these spoofs on Mr. West below.

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