Friday, August 7, 2009

What's New With NeFF Headwear

NEFF is now making moves into streetwear with tees, jackets, hoodies and accessories – so far, so dope. It all starts and ends with headwear at NEFF.The Aoki Beanie in gray, black and purple, featuring perfect distress points – perfect, as in, we didn’t have to take the scissors to it or ask a grimy friend to break it in for us.
Conquering the realm of headwear, NEFF made the natural move to keep the remaining extremities warm and recently introduced The Slick Jacket and The Lumberjack Hoodie. A polyester shell coupled with a nylon lining equals totally waterproof, and aesthically, The Slick Jacket is as fresh as 10″ of powder at the top of the mountain. With the zip-away hood and so many stash pockets that even your dope dealer won’t know what to do with ‘em, as well as the elastic waist and cuff support, this joint’s a keeper until the really heavy cold hits. The Lumberjack Hoodie. Thicker’n Biggie with the same plaid pattern he loved so dearly, the flannel frame keeps the heat in with a polyester lining keeping the wet out. Ideal for those cold nights on the streets slangin’- uh, we mean, cold nights on the slopes, loungin’ after a day filled with perfect runs and limited bails. For more on NeFF click the logo on the side bar or visit the karma Loop link here (NEFF)
Also check out two of my favorite new pieces from NEFF

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